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twenty-something and already confused.

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Remainder of a Grammar School Ego

Coming out of the conservative girls’ grammar school pipeline did nothing but ruin me, in a way. I was always taught I came from the...

House of Gucci: Art for Art's Sake

House of Gucci felt like a strange film for me to be so excited about. Biopics (however truthful they are) are not usually my cup of tea,...

Episode 6: Reflections

It’s been a long time. I redrafted about six versions of this post over the past few months. I originally wrote a very pessimistic and...

Episode 2: Frustration in the Nation

We Can See Face Masks and They are Scary Following the Government’s announcement of face masks/coverings becoming mandatory on the 24th...

Perhaps a Pilot...?

Writing has always been a staple in my life. I have notebooks dating back to 2005 with my short stories scribbled down inside them - I...

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